When most women feel a lump in their breast, thoughts immediately turn to cancer. While breast cancer is a scary possibile cause of changes to breast tissue, fibroadenoma is more likely. This common condition mostly happens during childbearing years. The lumps may be singular or multiple, in one breast or both. In the majority of cases, they are benign and not indicative of serious health issues.


1. What is a Fibroadenoma?

Fibroadenomas are breast lumps that many women describe as rubbery or stiff. For the most part, they are painless. In women, the tissue grows over the milk-producing glands, known as lobules, and ducts, resulting in a lump. When fibroadenoma develops in men, who do not have lobules, studies show hyperplasia or rapid cell reproduction may be the culprit. The exact trigger for both is unknown, but researchers suspect answers could lie in increased sensitivity to estrogen and progesterone.

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