Tampons and sanitary napkin seem like a monthly necessity, but as most of us probably know, they aren't the best choice for our bodies nor the environment. Furthermore, over time the cost of these disposables starts to seriously add up. In recent years, an alternative that arguably overcomes all of these issues have been growing in popularity. Menstrual cups are all the rage in some circles, but there remains some stigma and mystery behind them. Are they really all they're touted to be?


1. Better for the Environment

There has never been more urgency to cut down on our waste and pollution than there is today. Tampons and sanitary napkins, or pads, are a big part of our throw-away culture. Many types of pads contain 90% plastic. On average, 200,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year comes from tampons and pads. Menstrual cups are made of more resilient, eco-friendly compounds, and only need to be replaced every one to two years, drastically reducing how much you toss.

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