Chikungunya is a viral illness spread by mosquitoes. The onset of the condition is marked by fever and severe joint pain. Usually, these and other symptoms present between two and seven days after a bite from an infected mosquito. While complications are rare, they can occur. For instance, some people experience residual joint pain for months. Death from this illness is uncommon but possible in rare instances. Most people recover completely. Treatment involves easing the severity of symptoms and preventing complications.


1. Chikungunya Symptoms

The main symptoms of chikungunya are joint pain and fever. Other common symptoms include fatigue and lethargy, headache, muscle aches, and rash. The joint pain can be severe, so treatments may aim to simply reduce pain. Most people bitten by a mosquito infected by the virus will experience symptoms of the illness. Sometimes these symptoms can be debilitating as the body works to eliminate the virus.

symptoms of Chikungunya

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