The urethra is a very important part of the body. It is the duct through which urine is eliminated, as well as the pathway for semen to exit the body in men. However, it is easy for this duct to become inflamed or infected, especially in women. The urethra opens to the outside of the body for urine to exit, but bacteria and other foreign matter can all to easily enter from the other direction, leading to pain that can cause, at the least, embarrassment, and extreme discomfort or pain at its worst.


1. Soaps and Lotions

For women especially, the use of scented soaps and lotions in the urethral area can lead to big problems. The main cause of these problems is urethritis or inflammation of the urethra. In most cases, this is a minor problem, simply a skin reaction to these products. Switching to a different soap can bring quick relief. Lotion should also be kept away from the genital area -- it is not needed there anyway.

lotion urethra pain

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