Although traumatic brain injury (TBI) is not one of the best known medical terms, the situation it describes is very common. TBI results from a hard blow to the head. Its symptoms can range from a mild loss of consciousness to permanent disability. Statistics from the USA show that almost one-third of injuries involve TBI. Thankfully in the majority of cases, the damage is relatively mild, but that does not imply that this injury is not a potentially dangerous problem; these same USA statistics show that TBI is a factor in approximately 50,000 deaths each year.


1. Concussion

A light concussion is one of the most common TBI symptoms. Often the injured person is not knocked out by a fall, and if they are knocked out, it is only for half an hour or so. They might feel dizzy or disorientated, and their head feels sore. Usually, these symptoms appear right after the accident, and they do not normally last more than a few hours, or at the most a day or so, although in some cases these symptoms can continue for a few weeks.

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