In 2001, a paleontologist published a study that examined how just a couple types of dinosaurs like T. Rex were vulnerable to and suffered from avulsion fractures. What plagued T. Rex and Allosaurus is a common injury for humans, too. An avulsion fracture happens when a ligament or tendon tears off part of a bone from the rest of the bone mass. This usually occurs as the result of a trauma or a fall.


1. Avulsion Fracture Overview

Sometimes an injury can cause a ligament or tendon to pull away from the bone. If the force of the injury causes the ligament or tendon to rip away a fragment of bone from the rest of the bone mass, this is an avulsion fracture. In such cases, the ligament and tendon may also suffer damage along with the bone. Avulsion fractures commonly occur in the elbow, hip, knee, and ankle.

bone avulsion fracture

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