Many couples struggle with infertility when trying to conceive a child, and it is often a life-changing diagnosis for those who hope to become parents. In most cases, people are unaware of their condition until they begin trying to get pregnant. A significant number of patients who are infertile show no outward signs or symptoms. There are many treatments for infertility, including medication and reproductive technologies like in vitro fertilization, which can help couples to have children still. If you are concerned about infertility, you should talk to your gynecologist or primary care physician, but you should also be aware of the symptoms of this condition.


1. Inability to Become Pregnant

The primary symptom of infertility is the inability to become pregnant. Because this is often the only symptom, many patients do not find out about their condition until they are trying to conceive. Often, infertility occurs as a result of another disease or infection. It can also occur naturally in both men and women. Treatments may help some patients to become pregnant, but will not work in all cases. Even with healthy couples, the period of trying to conceive can take months before a pregnancy occurs. However, if you are worried that you or your partner may not be able to have children, you should talk to your physician about your concerns.

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