Morning sickness symptoms begin somewhere between four to eight weeks after conception. They usually fade after the first trimester, but in some cases, they can last longer. Morning sickness happens in around 50% of pregnancies, and each woman will experience symptoms which can vary in severity and longevity. Most often feel queasy and nauseous and in many cases need to vomit. These reactions can be caused by smells and tastes that become unattractive to you now that you are pregnant. It is a good idea to know some remedies that can ease the suffering, so here are the ten best remedies for morning sickness.


1. Ginger

Ginger has been used for centuries to settle queasiness. Best to use fresh ginger to make a tea by grating or slicing a 3-centimeter piece of peeled ginger into some boiled water and letting it steep. Other drinks made with real ginger may help, but stay away from carbonated ginger drinks, or wait till they go flat to sip frequently throughout the day. Gingersnaps or ginger candies may help but take note that their sugar content may be quite high. Ginger tea bags are also available if you can’t get any fresh ginger.

ginger remedies for morning sickness

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