Amyotrophy is a condition characterized by motor neuropathy in the limbs and goes by diabetic lumbosacral plexus neuropathy (or Diabetic amyotrophy for short) and Bruns-Garland syndrome, as well. The condition involves nerve roots and peripheral nerves and usually occurs in the lower limbs. The effects of amyotrophy are different than the effects of an injury. Injuries are felt immediately or shortly after they occur. Amyotrophy develops gradually except in cases of monomelic amyotrophy, which has a rapid onset.


1. Symptoms

The first symptoms someone with amyotrophy will experience are a weakness in the legs and muscle pain that often presents as a sudden, sharp pain in the hip or thigh. The pain spreads to the opposite side of the body in the following weeks or months. Initial symptoms are followed by muscle wasting and slowed or absent reflexes. Weakness in the front thigh muscles is the most pronounced.

symptoms Amyotrophy

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