Ulnar nerve entrapment may also be called bicycler’s neuropathy or Guyon canal syndrome, depending on what part of the body the condition affects. It is the second most common nerve entrapment condition after carpal tunnel syndrome. Though similar, carpal tunnel syndrome affects the median nerve instead of the ulnar nerve.


1. Ulnar Nerve Basics

The primary nerve in the arm, the ulnar nerve starts in the neck, runs through the shoulder, down into the arm, through the wrist, and into the fingers. It is one of the few nerves not protected by bone or muscle. Not only does the ulnar nerve provide sensation to the fourth and fifth fingers, but it also allows the muscles in the hand to flex and move. Because it runs through areas of the arm and hand that bend, the nerve can become compressed and cause a variety of physical symptoms ranging from slightly uncomfortable tingling or numbness to sharp, intense pain.

FAQS Ulnar nerve entrapment

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