There are many reasons people develop body aches. Some people consider any new ache the result of aging, but many conditions are due to the way we treat our bodies. Repetitive motion and poor posture are both culprits in common aches. Paying more attention to exercise and work habits and monitoring posture can help ease and even prevent many of these issues without medication.


1. Neck

Neck pain can quickly develop with no obvious cause. Poor postureis one of the main culprits, and it is easy to slip into bad habits without noticing, especially if you spend a lot of time at the computer, driving, or on your phone.

For neck pain related to poor posture, working with a physical therapist can help you develop better sitting, standing, and work habits. You can ease the pain yourself by using either heat or cold, or alternating between the two, throughout the day. Take a break from whatever you're doing every hour and slowly roll your head in half circles. Some people like to roll their neck all the way around, but be mindful if you do this, and stop if there is any pain or pinching when you tip your head back.

Follow up by bending your neck so your ear comes down toward your shoulder on each side. Finally, look over your shoulder several times in each direction. These stretches don't take more than a few minutes and can ease pain when practices regularly.

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