Muscle spasms are a reaction to multiple factors, including stress, injury, and illness. However, when these spasms become common or have a serious underlying cause, they may be carpopedal spasms. Though often one of numerous symptoms of a condition, carpopedal spasms may be the most noticeable and pronounced. Identifying the cause behind these spasms can alleviate the pain they cause and prevent more serious health problems in the future.


1. What are Carpopedal Spasms?

Carpopedal spasms are painful spasms of the muscles in the hands and feet. The prefix “carpo” comes from the Latin word carpus, meaning the wrist or hand. The prefix “pedal” comes from the Latin word ped, meaning foot. These spasms are usually a symptom of an underlying illness when they are recur frequently.

Carpopedal Spasms Feet Hands Latin ljubaphoto / Getty Images


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