Multiple sclerosis is a terrible disease that leads to damage of the protective coverings of nerves. This leads to lack of function between the brain and spinal cord, which can cause problems throughout the entire body due to the inability for nerve impulses to travel normally. The actual cause of multiple sclerosis, commonly known as MS, has still not been discovered, so there is no effective way to ensure that people are living and maintaining their health in a way so as to deter the disease and its effects. Its effects on patients can vary, but many experience complete paralysis in many parts of the body.


1. Anyone Can Have MS

Over two million people across the globe are affected to some extent by multiple sclerosis. In fact, somewhere around 200 people each and every week are diagnosed with the disease to various degrees. While anyone can have multiple sclerosis, more women than men seem to have the disease, even though there is no known predisposition for this that can be scientifically proven. For a disease that has been around for a very long time, there is still so much to be learned about MS, which is why charitable organizations for research of the disease and its symptoms are extremely important.



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