A fractured or broken jaw is one of the most common facial injuries. The jawbone or mandible is one of the 22 bones in the human skull and is the only movable one. It houses the lower teeth and is vital for chewing food, speaking, and forming facial expressions. Fractured jaws are painful and often occur in two places simultaneously. Treatment depends on the severity and location of the jaw fracture.


1. Common Causes

Most jaw fractures come from trauma to the face, such as that experienced during a vehicle collision or assault. People who take part in sports such as boxing commonly sustain injuries to the jaw. Fractures can also occur when one fails to break a fall with the hands. Young men between the ages of 20-29 are the most likely group to fracture their jaws. Occasionally, a fractured jaw may be due to certain cancers and infections, rather than trauma.

common causes of fractured jaw

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