Despite its name, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) does not prevent everyone with the condition from focusing their attention. Some people have the opposite manifestation: hyperfocus. This symptom allows for intense and deep concentration on a specific task. The concentration can be strong enough that the individual becomes unaware of what is happening around them. There are many conflicting views around hyperfocus within ADHD communities, with some seeing it as a benefit and others as another drawback.


1. Signs and Symptoms

ADHD is not always a deficit of attention. Many people must work harder than average to regulate their attention span. With hyperfocus, a person who has ADHD can completely immerse themselves in a task they either enjoy doing or are determined to complete. They often lose track of time, causing them to miss other obligations. In children, this may mean not performing chores, missing bedtime, or appearing to ignore their family members. Adults may skip meals or miss work. Not every person with ADHD experiences hyperfocus.

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