For many, the mention of a yeast infection makes them think of women's health issues, but males can also develop this uncomfortable condition. Male yeast infections are rarer than their female counterparts, and they differ in several key ways. Candida albicans, an opportunistic pathogenic yeast, causes most of the infections for both males and females, though other yeast may also be responsible.


1. Locations and Types

Most people think of yeast infections as primarily a genital issue, but the organisms can cause problems in almost any warm and moist location, including the armpits, mouth, genitals, and various skin folds. A yeast infection of the mouth is thrush, while a yeast infection of the skin is cutaneous candidiasis. Yeast infections specific to males are those of the penis and the foreskin, which are candidal balanitis and candidal balanoposthitis, respectively.

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