Most commonly a hot flash is a symptom of that a woman will experience when going through menopause. However, hot flashes can also occur because of some other conditions as well, such as thyroid problems, as a side effect of some medications, and pancreatic tumors. Symptoms of hot flashes can include external issues like a red face, as well as the interior issues like a rapid heartbeat. We list them below to give you a better idea of why they occur.


1. Warmth

A very standard symptom of having a hot flash is the warmth. People say this sensation can start from the middle of the chest and spread out rather quickly to all extremities but especially to the face. While some people barely notice the warmth, others find the heat so extreme that they feel they need to be "extinguished," which is why cool places or cold packs can help to treat a hot flash. Tight clothing can also prolong a hot flash as it will trap the heat close to your body for a prolonged period.

warmth Symptoms of Hot Flashes


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