Lupus is an autoimmune disorder for which there is no cure. For some, lupus causes minor inconveniences, but for others, the disease can be life-threatening. The only option for those who have lupus is to manage the symptoms. A doctor might prescribe medications to increase your comfort. You may, however, be able to manage the symptoms of lupus with natural remedies. Talk to your doctor to find out which treatments for lupus might work best for your symptoms. The following remedies can have a major impact on the symptoms associated with lupus.


1. Diet

The food you eat can have a significant impact on your lupus symptoms. Most people consume processed foods comprised primarily of fat, carbohydrates and other harmful substances. Once the doctor diagnoses a person with lupus, it is a good idea to undertake diet changes. Focus on organic foods and stay away from processed junk food. Food choices, such as organic plant-based foods, grass-fed meats, as well as healthy oils, can dramatically improve the symptoms you experience with lupus.


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