Those who are lactose intolerant do not digest dairy products in the way most people do. They must find other ways to incorporate dairy into their diet in a way that won't hurt their body. Once a person is lactose intolerant they may never be able to overcome it. Instead, they must find ways to adapt to the change. According to the National Health Service, lactose intolerance can be temporary if a condition such as gastroenteritis causes it. However, it is not just limited to adults, as children may have this problem as well.


1. Recognizing One's Threshold For Dairy Products

One of the ways that this type of intolerance is treated is simply by recognizing one's threshold. Some people are more intolerant to lactose than others are, and this can make a difference in how it is treated. By avoiding dairy products for three weeks to one month, one can purge their body of any dairy they have already digested. They can then slowly start eating or drinking dairy products to see how much they can handle comfortably. Once this step is completed people can recognize their own limits and adhere to them for an indefinite period.


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