The largest organ in the lymphatic system is the spleen. It is similar to a large lymph node and acts as a blood filter for the body. The spleen is an integral part of the immune system. Not only does it synthesize antibodies, but it also acts as a reservoir for many materials. There exists a method to remember the spleen’s measurements and location. This is the 1x3x5x7x9x11 rule. The approximate measurements of a spleen are one inch wide, three inches tall, and five inches long. It weighs roughly seven ounces and sits between the ninth and eleventh ribs.


1. Structure and Location

The spleen lies underneath the left portion of the thoracic diaphragm. The side of the spleen facing the diaphragm is smooth, while the opposite side has a ridge that divides it into two parts: the anterior gastric portion and the posterior renal portion. A thin outer coating called a capsule protects the organ. Additionally, the spleen contains two regions of tissue -- white pulp and red pulp. The spleen is not part of the digestive system, despite connecting to the blood vessels of the stomach and pancreas.

where is the spleen located

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