Fever blisters are painful sores that develop on the face, fingers and private areas of the body. A virus called herpes simplex causes the blisters to appear. They can spread easily through contact with somebody who carries the infection. In addition, fever blisters appear after a visit to the dentist or as a side effect of cosmetic surgery. Besides pain, people infected can suffer from itchiness, headaches, and swollen lips. Nonetheless, some people have concerns over possible side effects of traditional medicines. This worry compounds a growing interest in non-traditional cures. Therefore, many people seek effective home remedies for fever blisters.


1. Table Salt

Many people know the old English expression about rubbing salt into an open wound. This is often applied when someone does something that adds to another person's pain. Anyone who has had a finger cut come in contact with salt knows how it stings. However, in the case of fever blisters, salt happens to have valuable healing properties. Try wetting the finger with the blister and put it into a small bowl of ordinary salt. Even though it may sting a little, your pain is worth the outcome. You will rid yourself of the troublesome blister.

home remedies for fever blisters


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