Gout is an arthritic condition, characterized by severe pain in the joints, that occurs unpredictably and with varying frequency.Flare ups come on when excess uric acid develops in the blood. Under normal circumstances, the body dissolves uric acid and removes it via the kidneys and urination. Gout trigger foods prompt the excess to build up and crystalize at the joints. People prone to the condition should avoid or minimize specific foods to reduce their flare ups.


1. Red Meat

Some meats are high in purine. The body breaks down purines into uric acid, but too much can get into the bloodstream and cause gout attacks. Red meat has a higher purine content than white meat, but, of the red meats, lamb is the most problematic. People attempting to avoid or minimize gout flare-ups should try not to consume too much beef or pork, limiting meals with these foods to three times a week at most. Those who do consume lamb should choose chops instead of the leg meat.


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