Treacher Collins syndrome is a genetic condition that causes abnormalities of the bones and tissues of the face, head, and ears. The cheekbones, eye sockets, and jaw do not properly develop during pregnancy. The syndrome presents with variable levels of severity, being almost unnoticeable or pronounced. People with this disorder may have problems with sight, hearing, breathing, or cleft palates. Treacher Collins syndrome does not affect mental health.


1. Signs and Symptoms of Treacher Collins Syndrome

The signs and symptoms of Treacher Collins syndrome are:

  • Eyes that slant down and away from the nose
  • Few eyelashes
  • A notch in the bottom eyelids
  • Missing or unusually formed ears
  • A small jaw
  • Unusually formed nose or skull
  • Hearing loss
  • Problems with the airways
  • Sleep apnea
  • Difficulties feeding in children
  • Delayed motor and speech development
  • Dental anomalies
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