Gallstones belong in the minor complaint's class because they do not normally pose a threat to life, but nevertheless, they are extremely painful. As the name suggests these obstructions form in the gallbladder from accumulations of crystalline materials. Certain individual are more prone to get gallstones than others. A history of gallstones in the family, diabetes, and obesity are a few of the most common causes. In addition to severe stomach pain sufferers also experience back pains and indigestion amongst other symptoms. The pain experience also varies between just a few seconds or a much more prolonged period.


1. Dietary changes

Certain changes in diet help relieve gallstone problems. First of all, remember to drink water regularly. Aim to have as many as a dozen glasses of water each day. Secondly, increase the amounts of healthy fruit and vegetables eaten with apples, lemons, garlic, and carrots just a few of the many foods known to help gallstone sufferers. At the same time, take care to avoid particular foods and drinks that exacerbate the problem. These foods and drinks to avoid include all fatty and oily foods and all carbonated beverages.

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