Individuals who have an eating disorder are often misunderstood because eating disorders can come in many forms. Individuals who refrain from eating can be seen as picky. Conversely, others who tend to overeat can be viewed as gluttonous. Many people feel that such individuals should be able to control their impulses when it comes to food. However, it is not that simple. To better understand eating disorders, it is important to know some essential facts. Educating yourself can help you recognize the symptoms of an eating disorder. And allow you to reach out if you are anxious about a loved one.


1. They Are Mental Disorders

Eating disorders are classified as a mental illness. People who have developed an eating disorder, no matter if they refrain from eating, binge and purge or overeat, have an unhealthy relationship with food. They often struggle with body image that affects their normal activities. They develop unusual eating habits in an attempt to alter their appearance.



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