Having a foreign object in the ear can be an uncomfortable and painful experience. It can also be dangerous if the object is not removed carefully and promptly. In many cases, removing an object from the ear is a simple procedure that can be handled by a non-professional, though at times, individuals may require medical assistance.


1. Objects That Get Lodged in the Ear

It is not unusual for adults to clean their ears with a cotton swab, even though most physicians recommend against this practice. Occasionally, the swab’s cotton tip falls off inside the ear, where it lodges. Children may insert beads, marbles, pebbles, crayons, erasers, and even tiny toys such as doll shoes into their ears for a variety of reasons. Although it is not a common occurrence, insects such as cockroaches and flies fly or crawl into the ear when individuals are outdoors or sleeping on the floor, which can be quite serious.

foreign object lodge ear

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