Deep vein thrombosis is when a blood clot forms in a vein that is deep within the body. Blood clots typically occur when the blood begins to thicken and group together. While deep vein thrombosis can occur in other parts of the body, it usually happens in the thigh or in the lower part of the leg. This condition is especially serious because the blood clot can break away from the vein and make its way throughout the body’s bloodstream. When this occurs, the clot can cause a blockage in many different organs, and sometimes surgery is necessary to remove the clot.


1. Thrombus

Thrombus is the medical term that is used to describe a blood clot that is located within the human body. Clotting occurs to ensure that you do not bleed too much when you have been hurt or injured, or otherwise the blood could exit the body in a steady flow. However, sometimes the blood can clot too much, and the blood itself can become too thick to travel well within the veins. When this occurs, the substances that are in the blood can create a mass known as a clot that can create a blockage, which can often be treated with medication.



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