Cerebral palsy refers to an abnormality of motor function. It affects a person's ability to move and control their movements. In most cases, cerebral palsy is acquired and diagnosed at a young age. Some causes of this condition include prematurity, certain genetic disorders, strokes, and in some cases, infections of the brain.


1. Muscle Tone

When muscle tone is optimal, we can bend over and move smoothly and without complication. Proper muscle tone also allows us to sit, stand, and have good posture. Improper muscle tone occurs when the muscles don't coordinate together, making fluid movement difficult. It also makes coordination difficult, because your muscles want to move and contract at the same time. If the muscles are too relaxed, impaired posture can occur, and it may be difficult to change position. Physical therapy is a crucial element in treating this condition and is of particular importance for good muscle control.

muscles cerebral palsy

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