Cerebral palsy is a mental condition that is caused by brain injury, usually before birth while the infant's brain is still developing. It can also be caused during or immediately after birth. Often, symptoms can cause severe interference in daily life, which is why it's fundamental to treat possible causes as soon as possible. The specific cause depends on the location of the brain injury, the extent of the damage, as well as when it occurred.


1. Brain Injury

The most common cause is a brain injury that takes place during the developmental phase of the brain. Brain injury can occur both during birth as well as before or slightly after. One of the consequences of brain injury is the development of cerebral palsy in the patient, affecting things like muscle control, muscle coordination and muscle tone. Brain injury may also affect posture and balance. Some patients can have difficulty speaking. The overall impact of the brain injury will determine the severity of the symptoms.

causes of cerebral palsy

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