Stomach Cancer is one of man’s most dreaded diseases, and there are good reasons for this fear. If diagnosed at an early enough stage the prospects for survival is better but the later the diagnosis is made the more dismal these prospects turn. The exact treatment course required depends on the progress of the disease and the patient’s general health. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery are the three main conventional medicine treatment categories but a small if vocal number of alternative medicine practitioners advocate natural treatments. While all conventional treatments have risks and unpleasant side effects they have more proof of their effectiveness than the alternative approaches.


1. Removal with an Endoscope

Surgery is the favored treatment when this life-threatening disease is detected at an early stage. If possible the surgeon will prefer to carry out an endoscope surgery where they pass a long thin tube into the stomach. They aim to remove the growth without the need for cutting into the stomach. Sometimes they succeed in totally removing it, but if this proves impossible they must carry out a full operation. The British National Health Services estimates that complete cures can be achieved in between 25% to 30% of cases.



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