A slow-growing brain tumor can be a silent killer since in its initial stages patients notice no symptoms whatsoever. Much depends on the position of the tumor and how fast it develops. Symptoms appear when it starts exerting pressure on the brain, and this affects the brain's functioning in a certain area. Since the various parts of the brain have different roles, the symptoms will vary according to where the disease has developed. Brain tumors are relatively rare and usually benign, but because of their seriousness, everyone should err on the side of caution. Whoever experiences any of the following symptoms should consult their doctor immediately.


1. Signs of a Brain Tumor: Deterioration in Eyesight

If vision starts to go blurred, making it hard to read or watch a film, it might be a symptom of this potentially life-threatening condition. In particular, there is a reason to worry if the vision loss happens after a change in body position, for example, after quickly getting up from a chair. In the vast majority of cases, the eyesight change has a less severe cause. It might be simply a sign that reading glasses are now needed, or it is time to visit the optician for a checkup. All the same, even if the chances of serious disease are small, get a checkup.

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