Comas are one of the most questioned and misunderstood medical phenomena. People are intrigued by the strange situations that cause comas and maybe even more by the stories of people waking up from them. What happens to the brain in a coma? Why do people fall into comas and why are they sometimes put in them? The simple science and medicinal reasons behind comas can help to remove some of the confusion and mystery around this illness.


1. What Is a Coma?

A coma is a persistent state of deep unconsciousness. People in comas are unable to respond to any external stimulus. The state is similar to deep sleep, but it is impossible to wake a person in a coma as you would wake a sleeping person. Even though the person is not aware, their body will typically perform vital actions such as breathing without conscious thought.

Definition Of A Coma Sleep Juanmonino / Getty Images


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