Cellulitis is a common bacterial skin infection that can become life-threatening if not promptly treated. It can affect any surface of the skin, including the body and face. If not treated, it can spread to the lymph nodes and bloodstream. Symptoms of cellulitis can come on quickly, or they can develop over time. Do not ignore what appears to be a serious skin sore or rash. If you think you are experiencing symptoms of cellulitis, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Untreated cellulitis can become life-threatening quickly.


1. Tenderness and pain to the touch

The pain and tenderness caused by a cellulitis infection are not like anything you experienced before. You cannot take an over-the-counter remedy and expect to feel better. The pain and tenderness are specifically located in the affected area. You will likely take the maximum dosage of the over-the-counter remedy before you feel any relief. If you experience pain or tenderness like this, it is important to see your doctor or medical professional as soon as possible. This is especially true if the affected area is red and blotchy.


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