Scoliosis is a lateral — sideways — curvature of the spine. Most scoliosis cases are idiopathic, meaning medical experts don't know the cause. Depending on the severity, the physician will suggest surgical or non-surgical options to treat the curvature and its symptoms. Certain physical activities that promote spinal symmetry alignment may also provide some relief from discomfort.


1. Body Leans to One Side

People with scoliosis may change their posture to alleviate discomfort and to correct the sense of imbalance. Leaning to the side is one way that an individual may compensate for these changes. Physicians opt for nonsurgical relief whenever possible. In many cases, scoliosis is mild and no treatment is necessary. Some individuals improve after participating in a type of physical therapy called the Schroth Method. This method focuses on restoring muscular symmetry and posture alignment.

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