Fear is a common emotion that nearly everyone experiences from time to time. However, some people experience a much more persistent fear, known as a phobia. Phobias are often both excessive and uncontrollable. Overcoming a phobia is very difficult, and they can often impact everyday life. There are many kinds of phobias, but even people with the same fear may experience different severity. Some people find they are unable to leave the home due to their phobia, while others simply try to avoid the source of their fear.


1. Claustrophobia

People who suffer from claustrophobia often find it hard to be in small, confined spaces. This seems easy enough to avoid, but it's actually very difficult. People with claustrophobia may need to avoid elevators or small rooms, and can even find being in a space with no windows to be very frightening. Other triggers include small cars, airplanes, and even tight, restrictive clothing. Encountering a trigger can lead to intense feelings of fear, as well as panic attacks that may require medical treatment. People with claustrophobia often do best in environments where there are few people in a large, open space.

claustrophobic phobias


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