Walking, running, jumping, swimming — we rely on our legs for countless activities, and sometimes we take these two features, a combination of parts working together, for granted. Our hips and legs are made up of ten bones that connect to ligaments and muscles; when working in unison, the individual parts of the legs deliver dynamic functionality that allows us to climb stairs, surf, skip rope, ski, rollerblade, and so much more. The bones of the legs extend from the thigh to the ankle and include some of the longest and strongest in the body.


1. Femur

The femur is not just the longest bone in the body; it is also the strongest by most measures. More commonly referred to as the thigh bone, the femur connects to the pelvic bone via the hip joint. The only bone in the upper portion of the leg, the femur features a long central portion. The upper section helps create the hip’s ball-and-socket joint. The lower section of the femur forms part of the knee joint.

femurs bones

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