The ear, not only helps us hear but also maintains our sense of balance, contains some of the most delicate bones in the human body. Our ears are divided into three sections: the outer, the middle, and the inner ear. The bones of the ear collect sound waves and transmit them further inside the skull, for interpretation in the brain.


1. The Outer Ear

The outer ear is the part most people are most familiar with and which collects sound. Sound waves are funneled by the auricle or pinna, made up of flexible cartilage. The waves the travel down the auditory canal and on to the eardrum. This zone of the ear contains no bones but is a vital part of the complicated process of sound collection. Damage or loss of any part of the outer ear can adversely affect the quality of the sound waves passed on to the inner zone, likely lead to hearing difficulties or even hearing loss.

outer ear bones gruizza / Getty Images


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