Writing, texting, grabbing that morning cup of coffee—we need our arms for a seemingly countless array of activities. The arms are made up of bones, ligaments, and muscles that work in unison to perform those aforementioned actions. Our arms extend from the shoulders down to the wrists, where the bones of the hands begin. Featuring three large bones and multiple smaller ones, the arms are dynamic features that allow us the freedom to carry out millions of minuscule and detailed functions.


1. Humerus

The humerus is a long bone that runs from the shoulder joint to the elbow. At the elbow, the humerus joins the radius and ulna, the other two main bones of the arm. The humerus is one of the body’s longest bones (after the bones in the leg); it’s also one of the most frequently broken bones. The humerus connects the arm to the central skeletal system at the scapula in the shoulder.

types of bones in the arms

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