Most expectant mothers have heard the old wives’ tales that predict the gender of the baby they are carrying. One myth claims that if the woman is carrying her baby in a high position, it is a girl; if she carries low, it means that a baby boy is on the way. Researchers say that the position of the baby may not indicate its sex, but it is still important. Throughout a nine-month pregnancy, babies grow, move around, and change positions inside the womb. Doctors track fetus positions as the delivery date approaches to ensure a safe arrival.


1. Importance of Fetus Position for Birth

During labor, the baby moves through the birth canal and emerges through the vaginal opening. Toward the end of the pregnancy, the health care provider will perform physical examinations to determine the baby’s position in the uterus. This position, which medical professionals call the fetal lie, can forewarn the practitioner of any potential risks or difficulties during delivery. Some positions can prevent the baby from passing through the pelvis.

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