Menarche signals the maturation of an adolescent female. It is a milestone in a young woman's life, and many factors contribute to when it begins. Age and diet, weight, socioeconomic status, and even family structure can all impact when a teenager or pre-teen gets their first period.


1. First Menstraul Period

Menarche is an adolescent female's first menstrual period. Menstruation is the process of shedding the endometrial lining if the egg released during ovulation was not fertilized — in other words, if the female did not get pregnant. The average length of a cycle is 28 days. In the first two years after menarche, most young women have cycles that last between 21 and 45 days. By the third year, as the body matures, up to 80 percent of young women have cycles between 21 and 34 days long.

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