Basal body temperature (BBT or BTP) is an individual's lowest body temperature in a resting state. Most people reach their lowest body temperature during sleep. Measurement of the BBT is achieved by recording the body temperature immediately after waking up in the morning. The value measured first thing in the morning is slightly higher than the true BBT. The most common use for this number is for tracking fertility. BBT tracking is usually done when a woman wants to conceive, although it is sometimes used to prevent pregnancy, as well.


1. Advantages of Basal Body Temperature Tracking

Women choose the BBT method for many reasons. There are no side effects, and it doesn't require any preparation or special items. Some women use the method as contraception for similar reasons. Religious beliefs may also influence the choice to use the basal body temperature method as birth control. The BBT method is also known as natural family planning, and some people combine it with other natural practices such as the cervical mucus method. The two methods used together are the symptothermal method.

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