Digestion is one of the most important processes our bodies perform. Every time we eat, food must be broken down and converted into energy and fuel. The body uses this energy and fuel for growth and cell repair. Digestion begins at the mouth and ends at the anus. In between these places, food moves along as the process converts it into smaller, more usable pieces through an array of enzymes and hormones. It's a long journey for the food we eat as it travels through the digestive system, and it all starts when we take a bite.


1. The Mouth

The digestion process starts in the mouth. As soon as you take a bite of food, you are kickstarting the body's digestive response, which takes around six to eight hours to complete. It all starts with chewing. We use our teeth to break down our food into smaller, easy-to-swallow pieces. The more you chew, the easier it is for the body to digest the food you eat. This is most likely why your mother always used to remind you to chew your food instead of scarfing it down!

Digestion function

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