Anger is one of the most intense emotional states a person can feel. Everyone experiences anger differently. Some people describe it as a white-hot rage while others express the emotion more calmly. While it is normal and healthy to feel anger, some disorders cause more frequent or more dangerous reactions. Anger also has many physical and mental effects.


1. Psychological Types of Anger

Generally, psychologists recognize three types of anger.

  • Sudden and hasty anger stems from the need for self-preservation. People usually experience this form of anger when they feel tormented or trapped.
  • Deliberate and settled anger occurs when a person feels another individual has deliberately harmed or mistreated them.
  • Dispositional anger is more of a character trait rather than a reaction or instinct. General irritability is an example of this.

Most psychologists prefer to differentiate between anger and aggression. While one can cause the other, neither is necessary for the other to occur.

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