The human brain is one of the wonders of our anatomy. What appears to be a simple organ is, in fact, an incredibly complex structure with multiple parts that work both with each other and with information received from the rest of the body. Healthy brain function is essential for thought, reasoning, memory, speech, movement, and life itself.


1. The Three Parts of the Brain

Since the parts of the brain all work together to help humans grow, learn, and process their experiences, it is difficult for those without in-depth knowledge of neuroscience to ascertain what part of the brain is responsible for which actions. Though they still don't know everything, scientists agree the brain has three main parts. The cerebrum is the largest and is divided into right and left hemispheres; the cerebellum is located under the cerebrum and helps control balance and movement; the brainstem connects the rest of the brain to the spinal cord and regulates essential survival-related functions.

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