Burping is a natural and normal bodily function. However, if the frequency becomes excessive, it can cause embarrassment and interfere with daily life. Excessive burping is not usually a sign of any serious underlying health condition, and often, simple lifestyle adjustments can fix the issue. However, if burping or belching too much is repeatedly interfering with a person's day-to-day life or if pain or other symptoms accompany the expulsions, this may indicate an underlying illness requiring treatment.


1. Why Do We Burp?

After we swallow food, acid in the stomach, bacteria, and digestive enzymes help break it down so the body can extract energy and nutrients. Gas is a by-product of this process. Swallowing air when eating or drinking often causes a build-up of air in the esophagus. It may even reach the stomach, causing distension. Burping is the body's way of releasing this excess air.

Excessive burp

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