Bloating occurs when the gastrointestinal tract fills with gas or air. Eating or drinking too quickly can cause bloat, as can eating or drinking certain foods and beverages like broccoli or carbonated beverages. Chewing gum, smoking, and even wearing dentures can also make a person more susceptible to bloating. Gases that form in the gastrointestinal tract require elimination. Symptoms of bloating can lead to significant discomfort until the body can naturally dispel these gases.


1. What Are the Causes of Bloat?

Bloating can occur when the gastrointestinal tract is slow to eliminate existing gases while more gases accumulate. Burping and flatulence are the primary methods for dispelling gas. While it can occur spontaneously, underlying conditions can also cause a person to be more vulnerable. Heartburn, food intolerances, weight gain, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, hormonal fluctuations, celiac disease, eating disorders, and mood disturbances are a few of the ailments that can lead to bloat.

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