Acid reflux refers to a burning sensation that is felt in the lower chest. This sensation is due to the reverse flow of stomach acid into the esophagus. It occurs when the gastroesophageal sphincter is unable to prevent the regurgitation of semi-digested food content. This food, now mixed with hydrochloric acid from the stomach, has a corrosive effect upon the food pipe. This causes burning and pain.

Acid reflux can have a serious impact on gastrointestinal health if it occurs very frequently over an extended period. Several internal and external stimulants can trigger acid reflux in individuals. Here are some to avoid to prevent gastric discomfort.


1. Alcohol

Consumption of too much alcohol, particularly red wine, can have a major effect on the digestive system. It can cause acid reflux and acid regurgitation, which happens when the acid in the stomach burns the throat. Typically, alcohol relaxes the esophageal sphincter. This causes the acid to move back into the throat, thus causing acid reflux.



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