Nearly everybody will experience abdominal pain at one point or another. In most cases, the cause of the pain is completely harmless and will usually resolve on its own without any medical intervention. In rare cases, there can be serious, life-threatening causes that require medical attention, such as a heart attack. That’s why it is important to recognise the symptoms of abdominal pain in order to identify the severity of the ailment. Find out the top 10 symptoms of abdominal pain.


1. Bloating

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms of abdominal pain and refers to an expansion of the abdominal area. This is often accompanied by a feeling of fullness or tightness in the abdomen, leading to abdominal pain. Sometimes, patients can also feel increased stomach growling (or the lack of it). Most people experience bloating when they consume too much food, or when they consume a food that they are unable to properly digest. Gas is also a common cause of bloating. If you experience bloating, try waiting for a few hours to see if the diameter of the stomach returns to its normal state.

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