A sore throat is a common ailment that can be especially pronounced during the winter and spring months. It often involves irritation, pain, and itchiness of the throat, which can make it difficult to swallow. Luckily, in most cases, sore throats are caused by non-threatening conditions that are easily cured by resting at home. In some cases, the causes can be dangerous and must be treated with powerful antibiotics.


1. Smoking

It comes as no surprise that smoking is one of the principal causes of a sore throat. In 2017, around 20 percent of the population in Western countries smoke on a daily basis. This leads to a series of health-related problems, one of which is a sore throat. The heat generated by cigarette smoke dries out the throat, causing it to become sore and in some cases inflamed. Moreover, smokers are likely to experience difficulty swallowing, and they may cough frequently. Worst of all, because cigarettes contain many dangerous chemicals, smoking may also lead to mouth and throat cancer.

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