Melatonin is a vital hormone that regulates our internal rhythms: when we wake up, what time we go to sleep, and when we feel tired. Having too little melatonin can negatively influence health, but having too much is not ideal either. Sometimes this balance must be reached with melatonin supplements, but the body creates this hormone naturally, too.


1. The Body Produces Melatonin Naturally

Even though pharmacies sell melatonin as a supplement, the body naturally produces a certain amount, as well. In a healthy body, this is the amount a person needs to regulate their sleep-wake cycle and other related processes properly. A small gland in the brain -- the pineal gland -- produces this hormone. If melatonin production becomes impaired for any reason, a person will likely find it difficult to fall asleep. That's where melatonin supplements can come in handy, allowing one to get a better night's sleep in a more natural way than sleeping pills.



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